Amazing new "skin" removes wrinkles and bags

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Here I thought it was a product in the boingboing store.


Why would I need that when I have one weird trick?


This technique neither removes nor eliminates wrinkles/bags.
It covers them up, like makeup.
When the product is removed, wrinkles and bags return.

Please see John Oliver’s excellent video about science reporting.


and it’s not bullshit.

Ok, if you say so.


Nope nothing to go wrong here at all…


Still sounds like bullshit. Even if it works there’s not enough data to determine if it’s safe

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Came here to share this - beat me to it!

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I think I saw a super-optimistic report about this on TV just recently, playing up the whole “removes wrinkles” aspect. I wasn’t fully paying attention, but I had to laugh when the end of the report sounded (very approximately) like this:

Newscaster #1: So, is this completely safe? Are there any concerns with it?

Newscaster #2: Well, they’re still gathering data, and there are still a lot of tests to run. There are some possible problems, but so far there haven’t been any indications of reactions from allergies or anything else to any of the ingredients.

Newscaster #1: Sounds great! So, is it available in stores? Where can we get it?

Newscaster #2: Um, well, no…

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And it looks like you’d have to apply one daily.

From the article:

The “skin” can last for more than a day.

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It could be good for people’s vanity, or…


What exactly is the ‘new discovery’ part? It surely must be in their presentation, but I find it hard to discover.

I think it was on NPR, but they were discussing the potential as a delivery mechanism for skin medicines/treatments. Sounded promising. No it’s not a cure for wrinkles, but it’s an interesting technique worthy of investigation.


But - can one goes bra-less with it - and will it correct manboobs?

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Five to ten years. It’s always five to ten years.

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or thirty

I know a guy who pioneered a way to cover up wrinkles and bags with new “skin” back in the 70s.


Yes you have one weird trick who likes them Old, but usually the girls turn more tricks if they look young.

Amazing new “skin” removes wrinkles and bags