Amazing photos of sports games combined into single chaotic images


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I don’t like sports hardly at all, but I would if they were like this all the time. Brilliant, thanks!

ETA: This one is like something out of Cronenberg:


This would be a great way to get entire sports seasons out of the way pretty efficiently.


“Hey, it’s Football Seas… never mind.”


It’s actually kind of interesting that our brains don’t do this. We’ve all been in the same place for periods of time. A drive to work. That favorite lunch spot. Sitting in a favorite chair…


Football season doesn’t really end in the UK this year

League Two play off final - 28 May
World cup opening match - 14 June
World cup final - 15 July
New football season - Usually the first or second weekend of August

If you don’t like football then treasure those two or three weeks and hope that England don’t win it.

(:rofl: at the thought that England would have had any chance of winning even if the World Cup wasn’t in Russia this year)


More fun indeed!


Totally; and no, England stand no chance.
I was always sure the “Season” was all-year long. Feels like it, anyway…
Can you tell I’m not a fan?


As a tralfamadorian, this is what all sports look like.


So it goes.


Makes me think of a buggy video game, or at least some kind of poorly-implemented mod.



“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.”




That way madness lies.


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