Amazon and Washington Post boss Jeff Bezos welcomes new overlord


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Jeff’s next tweet:
"I’d like to remind him that as a trusted proprietor of a gigantic e-tailer and traditional publisher, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in his underground Cheeto-dust caves.”


Empire of the Ants


Maybe he’s trying to get the Post’s press credentials returned.


Given the carefully-worded wish for “great success in his service to the country”, I’d say yes.


Eh. If you want the best for the world, and the best for the US, you wish good luck to Trump. It’s almost verbatim Obama. Let’s hope for the best, but this is not news.


But why does he need to say anything? He’s not a world leader (at least not in the traditional sense).

Speaking of which, I like the way Merkel handed it:


Sure. Merkels comments were good. Here in Austria, chancellor Kern mostly echoed her. His “VP”, Mitterlehner, declined any comment. I was just remarking that the luke-warm welcoming of business leaders for the new boss is nothing newsworthy.

One lesson I could google from Kern in English though:

He does have quite a way.


Under fascism, the government works hand in glove with corporations. At least, that’s how Mussolini expressed it.


I think the translation was off; she actually said, “Please don’t feed us to the Russians, you wankpuffin.”


It is interesting that, over a hundred years after it was one of the causes of WW1, the fault line between Austria and Hungary is still visible, and in the same place.


PS: Head of the EU Comission Juncker was also barely civil: (German, sorry)

“We have to live with them, we have to work with them. Let’s get on with it.”


I imagine that at the moment Juncker is right royally pissed off with almost the entire English speaking world. And I don’t blame him one little bit. I’m English, and so am I.


Well, the language is a bitch. The 50 years of the east/west divide made it worse. It’s getting better, but Orban being such a douchebag doesn’t help.

Anyway, Budapest ist still a lovely weekend trip from here.


I didn’t vote for Juncker (I was for Schulz). But man, that guy can get sassy and speaks like 10 languages. There was a clip about Brexit and he was asked about his response to May, he only said, in true Mrs Krabappel fashion: “Hah!” Wish I could find it again, I’ll keep trying.


Good on him, though I guess he can afford to say what he thinks. Meanwhile, I was sickened by Theresa May’s sycophantic response.

Fingers crossed for a good result in the Austrian election!


Boris Johnson has appealed to European leaders to stop their “collective whinge-o-rama” after the election of Donald Trump as the next American President.

Fuck off Boris.



Thanks :slight_smile:

My hopes are low, but that just means I’ll have to work all the harder on the streets.


I wonder if Ruth Davidson is sticking to her opinion of last year?


We can hope. She’s one of the occasional politicians the Conservative Party throws up that says it like it is. Let’s hope she doesn’t get suppressed by Downing Street.