Amazon cutting back on making consumer devices, reports WSJ

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I’m glad Amazon is doing the right thing by not saturating an already overstuffed market of smartphones. Make better Kindle Fires please. :smile:

The primary purpose of the fire phone is to gather marketing data and to get you to spend more money on amazon. It’s not very good hardware, its not really an android phone - no access to play store. Its only rewally good feature is amazon prime, which you can buy for less as a standalone product. Even amazon employees, who were offered it for free, didnt want it.

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Hopefully this will just impact development of smart phones, and possibly some new stuff (like their proposed stylus thing) and have no effect on Kindles, Fires or Echo. I do love my Echo.

ZDNet link that doesn’t make you sign in to read:

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But that’s how they got their success in the first place!

This must be a hoax. Amazon has the best workforce. This is not the Amazon I recognize. If you see any layoffs happening, be sure to contact HR.


It’s a pity that (against all logic) Amazon tried to push a unwanted phone ecosystem and now the inevitable fallout is apparently burning down a wing that did good work. Everyone presumably knew from the start the phone was a gamble with a low chance of success, so the baby should have been insulated from the bathwater.

On the bright side, I assume Kindle is a cornerstone of Amazon, so they’ll retain some good consumer electronics development and hopefully branch out and do more good stuff in future.

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Well, apparently the Fire Phone project was Bezos’s personal baby. He’s the one who pushed it, who pushed for flashy useless features, who thought it was going to be a big success that would let him transform Amazon into a “cool” company like Apple.

One of the striking things about Amazon is how, at least outside of tech insider circles, nobody in their leadership is really known to the general public besides Bezos. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google–they all have people besides the founder(s) and/or CEO that are well-known in their own right and have a chunk of the company’s success attributed to them.

Her reaction is so weird! “They’re trying to eat breakfast”, the implication being that the thought of sex would make them physically ill?

Nope, nothing at all wrong with that.

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I’m not sure if they were the same everywhere, but the ads for the fire phone here basically sold it on all the ways you could use it to buy stuff from Amazon. By the end of the ad I was expecting them to be offering them for free.

Cutting back on consumer devices? I got the impression that the Kindles esp. the Readers are so successful that amazon pushed or is pushing competitors like Nook out of the market. Likewise the Echo, another innovative product seems to do very good - it’s raking in lots of excellent reviews. Just because one product tanked they cut down those who are responsible for one flop but a lot of successful ideas? Makes no sense to me.

Kindle as a platform is, but now that it is up and running I am not so sure that they will need their own hardware forever. It already works just fine on normal tablets (and other devices.) At the moment things are different in the E Ink realm, but even there an Amazon app on third party hardware isn’t unthinkable.

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