Amazon files for meal-kit trademarks, and Blue Apron shares shrivel in fearful anticipation


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We did Blue Apron for about 8 months. Dishes were fun most of the time, but at times we felt not enough veggies. Don’t miss it.

PS: too much damn garlic, it just piled up for months, could not possibly eat all the garlic they sent us…


Sounds like you’re doing garlic wrong


Maybe, but strictly following their instructions there was always 3/4 of a head of garlic left. So the next day you use the partial head and don’t break open another one, and then you have a couple of full heads left over… 1-2 per week for 30 weeks… get the shovel.


“That’s a nice business model you got there. It would be shame if someone who has a much better acquisition and distribution model were to copy it.”


Meanwhile Home Chef isn’t publicly traded (I believe) and is looking for a buyer for $600 mil.


“prior art? psh, our lawyers are paid enough to find a way to argue that shouldn’t count this time because Reasons”


Prior art is only a thing for patents. Prior use is for trademarks, and is irrelevant because there’s no trademark infringement.


Not ready to give up the process of buying my food at my fav little places around the city.


Yep. If you watch Shark Tank or similar shows, they will often point out, “You have a neat idea, but nothing proprietary. Anyone could copy you. Nothing is stopping me from getting my people together and do it cheaper and better.”


Ahhh, TIL


Just buy what you want to eat and make it into something. You don’t need Amazon or Blue Apron.


You mean, like, grocery stores? That’s what I do, too!


The great thing about Amazon is that for extra convenience you can have your food delivered to your local Amazon locker, often at a store like Safeway.


But, that’s Communism!



The great thing about food is that for extra convenience you can have your comestibles delivered to your local metaboliser, often at an organ like stomach.


How’s this for an idea? Bezos should just bloody well buy Blue Apron for Squillions - hell, his pockets are deep enough - and thereby properly pay the Blue Apron* people for a great idea instead of putting them out of business.

*who can then buy “that place in Malibu” etc.


Try this instead



thanks, but we composted the left-over garlic long ago. Been nearly a year since we canceled the subscription. Its novel, but its not for me.