Blue Apron bought a ranch, coincidentally their ingredients are "fresher"


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We discovered and tried out a few services like this after the cub was born. It’s quite a decadent thing, but we keep finding money in the budget for it. Can’t remember if Blue Apron was one we tried, but generally the food ingredients were good quality and the recipes often keepers.

A couple of things: the low calorie counts often translate into low volume meals, so unless you’re counting calories it’s a good idea to have a quick staple like couscous or kale handy.

Second, a few of the services horrified us with the amount of plastic packaging, especially ice packs, used. We eventually went with Sun Basket, as their ice packs are actually compostable and almost everything else goes in the recycling.


Just saying… when you have a post that directing to a product or service in the Boing Boing store, shouldn’t you have it labeled as an Advertisement? The post reads just like the ad copy that I have heard on many podcasts.



I’m all for BB making some money, but this should have an ad mention, come on. At least popups and chumboxes let you know they are ads, this is half-hearted sponsored content.


Agreed. I was curious about the ranch mentioned in the title. No mention at all in the “article.”


There’s a long tradition of content providers selling their souls to the marketers. You can only eat art if it comes in a Blue Apron box.


Besides for buying a ranch, they must own factories for all that dry ice and cardboard they ship


That isn’t clear enough?
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This was misleading because with the scare quotes and everything, I was expecting the article to be some sort of exposé of misleading advertising by Blue Apron but instead it is just an ad.


As in “bought a farm” in old pilot jargon?


The original title may or may not have been changed by the local editorial staff. They have been known to have fun with them.


I use Blue Apron quite a bit. Tho I don’t buy it…I use it for the recipes. Their website is great for when you have that “well, what should I make for dinner tonight” and you probably have most of the stuff on hand…and the video techniques are great for someone just starting cooking.

Try that and then get the service if that appeals to you, I know a few people that are too busy to shop and the ‘kit’ form of cooking a few home meals a week is perfect for them.


Odd… the title made me expect a dramatic expose of Blue Apron’s “so-called freshness” and shocking revelations about their “ranch”.

Then it turned out to be an advert! Go figure…


Came here looking for corn chips to go with their ranch. Left disappointed. :frowning:


Looks like that’s not all they bought. Nice bait-and-switch, guys, thanks a ton.


So, when they say the contents are sublime, do they mean the dry ice?




Blue Apron. When you want the joy of cooking and cleaning up, but also want to spend as if you’re at a fine restaurant.


Packaging from two Hello Fresh deliveries, icepacks, insluation, cardboard, etc.