Amazon owned Whole Foods is looking into buying up old KMart & Sears stores

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Not sure Whole Paycheck is going to go over well in small midwest cities.

If they emphasize their store brand and not idiocies like asparagus water, they should do fine.

In fact, they’re not the most expensive chain grocery store in Chicago. Yes, you can spend too much, if you’re buying certain things, but for those of us who don’t, they’re a perfectly reasonable grocery option.


Also the “Wholefoods 365” stores are starting to proliferate with Amazon at the wheel. These are structured, priced and stocked much more like a cross between a regular chain grocery store and Trader Joe’s. It’s almost exclusively private label (which is their cheaper stuff) and they have a flyer with bargains and an app with a member discount, etc… Bezos is definitely taking the brand mass-market. There’s one by my office, and we now get a lot of staples there, and they are definitely of a lower quality than the fancy Whole Foods at union square, etc…


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