Ambulance arrives quickly after accident


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The Zalgo ambulance comes quickly?

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D̳a̜͔͙̞̰̻m̠͞n,͔͓ ̥͙͉̹̘̀g̼̻̼̲̼͇͠o̸͈̞͍͍̟̱ͅţ̲̙̹̰̭ ̩͉͈̥͚s͢n̛̫̘͚̲i̗̗͕̪̠p̹̱̗̦̞̝̳e͈͍̮̺̜d̶͎̳.̙̬̲͔͙̪͝ͅ


I noticed this. But I knew exactly what you meant and posted one of them myself : )


Jesus, people. Calm the fuck down. Enjoy your damn drive. I mean holy cow he had forever to get back over and then over corrected. Just, go with the flow more.

I feel like I should confess, I almost goofed up the other day. It had just rained and while I took this on ramp no faster than normal, evidently it was slicker than normal and started to fish tail a bit. But two quick corrections and pumping the brake, and no harm no foul (hell, I was proud of myself afterwards.) But still, it was wet, I should go slower. Don’t fight it, just accept the stream you are in and you’re life will better.


Hope the EMTs first order of business was delivering a solid beat-down. A simple-minded asshole like that nearly killed my uncle (he’s lucky to have kept his legs, but will walk with a crutch for the rest of his life).


Occasionally I see a driver who makes me think, “There’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Now I wonder how many ambulance drivers think the same thing and debate whether they should follow.


Beat-down already self-inflicted! And it was pretty severe, possibly fatal, if anyone in there didn’t have a seatbelt on.


I was traveling through 35-60 mph moderate morning rush hour traffic in the East Bay the other day – between Walnut Creek and the Caldecott Tunnel – a distance of about 7.5 miles on a fine 4-5 lane highway. This fellow passed me and, after doing so, proceeded to make 41 lane changes in these 7.5 miles.

He increased his relative position by 9 seconds.


On our way to a kink party on a rainy Saturday afternoon not too long ago, a pickup truck in front of us lost control in the rain and started pinballing back and forth across the interstate. Before my wife even got our speed cut in half he put his driver’s side door in front of the ambulance next to us. Those two vehicles came to a very sudden and very entangled stop as we slalomed through the fresh debris field. Good times.



Well, the dumbass Mr. Dumas is certainly lucky in the fact that he didn’t hit the ambulance.


Ahh, this is what Grand Theft Auto (the games) style emergency services would look like in real life.


That’s superlative indeed, but you misspelled Z̠̠̦̲͈͓̜͡A̟̹̹̻͓̝͟L̰̩͙̗̳͚G̰̩͇͙̩͓͙O̳̜.


instead of just Minority Report-esque “precrime,” we now have the additional service of “pre-wreck”?


Yep, there will always be “YOU’RE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH!!!” guy. Sure, go ahead and change lanes/pass etc. to get your micro-advantage and I’ll probably be seeing you up ahead since your aggressive driving saved you no time.


Unfortunately you may be seeing him approaching your windscreen at a combined speed of 170mph if he happens to be going in the opposite direction from you.


Nope, perfectly normal, the surface accumulation of oily crap hadn’t rinsed off yet. Depending on conditions (the longer it’s been since the last rain) the first 5 or 10 minutes after rain starts falling onto dry pavement it can be almost as slick as ice.


I know, right?
Damn fast lane campers!