America knows the GOP's health care plan would harm Americans, new poll reveals


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Well guys, they’re crafting in utter secrecy for a reason. Why can’t you just trust your elected leaders like the Heritage Foundation does?


GOP’s health care plan would harm Americans, new poll reveals

Which is how it should be. They voted for it. Voting has consequences.

Play stupid games - win stupid presi … prizes.


As long as the GOP Senators can find a way to clearly signal that the plan is worse for dark-skinned people than it is for white people, the eternally self-destructive Know-Nothing 28% of the electorate who vote for any GOP candidate will find a way to accept it. The question is, will the remaining 18% who joined the Know-Nothings in giving Il Douche the minority of the popular vote do the same?



I hate to say it, but I get the sense there’s a palpable expectation that non-whites will end up destroyed by this plan, and once they are, the benefits will roll right in to the whites that supported it.

Trump isn’t president because his supporters love that duplicitous New York pussy-grabber, it’s because of their hatred of all he’s pledged to destroy.


Only 13% felt it would improve the quality, yet 30% support it. So at least 17% thought it would end up making their healthcare worse but still support it. We are a stupid bunch, ain’t we?


Headline: “America Knows AHCA Hurts People; Doesn’t Care”

It seems like “America knows this thing is bad for it, but does it anyway” is going to be the ethos of the next four years.


So wait a minute - a majority of people recognize it as harmful, but about 15 percent of people aren’t sure they’re against it (and are possibly for it), despite that fact? That’s encouraging.

Only about 30-something percent of respondents think it’s going to negative affect them. That means something less than ten percent of people aren’t sure it’s going to negatively impact them (or believe it won’t), but they’re still against it. I’m not sure if that’s encouraging or discouraging…

More likely they thought it wouldn’t change anything, or weren’t sure if it would (31/22 percent respectively). Most people saw it as negatively impacting the poor, those with pre-existing conditions, Medicaid patients, but not necessarily impacting them.


I’m not sure America can survive the next four years. If Trump doesn’t explode, the country will implode.


Which is different from caring, or even disapproving. Some people take active pleasure in anything that hurts the poor, because they’re by definition stupid and lazy and deserve to be left in the woods to die.


Those who voted for it and those who suffer the consequences are not necessarily the same people.


That seems pitifully naive on the part of the people expecting it. Purge the ethnic undesireables, sure; but pass the savings on to white poors; rather than tax cuts? Anyone waiting for that has a a surprise in store for them.



I think @gracchus comment above is relevant to this:

This is very true.


It’s late stage trickle down economics. “Guys, you’re just not feeling the benefits because those dark guys over there are drinking all the urine money we’re sending your way.”



That’s partisan politics for you.


America: Living In Denial!


How’s the quote go? “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after every other option has been exhausted.”