American Airlines made a cancer survivor cover "fuck cancer" sweatshirt

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I used to have Fishbone’s concert tee that read, “Fuck Racism”. I get the feeling people these days would be extra angry at me for wearing it.


And rightly so. Don’t you know that bringing up racism is now the very height of racism?



Same would go for my brother’s Dead Kennedy’s “Nazi punks fuck off” shirt. School administrators never liked one that, but it definitely feels like it’d be one of those shirts that would be extra risky these days.

And yeah, fuck cancer.


I had the same shirt and got sent to the principal’s office for wearing it in high school. Didn’t even make it past first period. Fortunately I had an extra shirt in my gym locker.


I seem to recall my brother making it until about noon before tracking me down in a panic looking for another shirt to wear and a place to stash the other one. I’m guessing he had it covered up before that.


Yup. No problem wearing it under your shirt. It’s a fine self affirmation for sufferers - written on your mirror or a poster on your wall. Not such a great fashion statement.

Exactly. Thinking back on all of the 20 foot “fuck your feelings” flags I’ve seen in yards around here these past 18 months, I never once remember thinking, “oh, those folks are tragically hip”.
Airlines, like so many businesses, inconsistently apply their “rules of decorum” to the detriment of people who already have enough authoritarian shit to deal with. Fuck ‘em.
I so do not miss flying.
And I am arguably certainly not tragically hip.


Fuck American Airlines, and FUCK CANCER even more.


Won’t be all that long before the only tragic thing involving me and “hip” will be when I start worrying about breaking one.

okay, that’s actually quite a ways off yet, but never mind that plz


Which was shocking news in Jamestown when they heard of it!

This is my T-shirt. I’m wearing it right now.


The “English” language is very much contextual globally, locally and socially (public/ private).

“Fuck Cancer”… Absolutely is a slogan I’d get behind to wear with pride.

“Cancer is a Cunt” is not the slogan I would wear at all occasions. It think that this is a good strong statement that brings home the personal anger and pain of living with cancer.

This old school kinda bloke said to me that ‘Fuck’ is the word he uses to express everyday anger and ‘Cunt’ is the word he uses if he really wants to make an impact (paraphrasing).

I guess I’m curious about the fact that ‘Fuck’ has become common parlance and there are still words and contexts out there that have a lot of power. I think this is a good thing.

Cancer is a cunt.

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Cradle of Filth also produced a t-shirt that a number of people were arrested for wearing.

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They would have been polite if she’d been white.

Also fuck cancer.


Always fly with a backup shirt:


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