"America's Best Bathroom" is a small town's public toilet

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Beautiful! I sure hope it holds up over the years!


I will poop there someday, I do solemnly swear.


I like this bathroom, placed in a cellar under a medieval house and very dungeon-like.


All I wonder is where are the grab bars? I guess that’s the code reviewer in me.

Also there are some other neat ones on their website: http://www.bestrestroom.com/us/


It’s beautiful, but the metal seat would be an automatic disqualification, in my book.

Finally a place worthy of my poocassos and pisscassos. I’d gogh there! If I didn’t get it all out I’d gauguin!

(Oh god, out of morbid curiosity i googled this. poo poo picasso and picasso poo are apparently things. oh internet…)


just the bowl is metal, the seat appears to be composite.

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And now the ambience will be ruined as the tourists flood the place!


If MY bathrooms were this nice, I’d open them to the public, too!

…but do they have public wifi? do people still go in places without internet connections?

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Are those bats on the ceiling?

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That looks like a grab bar there, it’s just hard to see because it’s black and almost in line with the wall framing.

But why are they gendered if they’re single-occupant?

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You would really hate going to in prison.


A lot of building codes stipulate that single occupant bathrooms have to be gendered. Normally this is because the amount of facilities needed differs between men and women. Typically women have ~1.5 times the toilet count of men.

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Huh? All single occupant bathrooms have identical toilet counts: one.

Unless you mean toilet-person-hours, that women take 50% longer? Even so, just like at a bank or supermarket, everyone’s better off with a single line feeding multiple checkouts.



I meant the toilets per person.

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I’m still not following. Since there’s one each here, gendering them just means women have to stand on a longer line. Maybe the men’s has an additional urinal?

I wonder, is there a glass partition above the metal?

Because, going by the familiar state of public bathrooms (and in particular, those located in the offices of corporations), I am truly confused about the total lack of faeces pushed through the grate.

Almost as weird is the apparent lack of urine sprayed over every surface. Where are the puddles?

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I thought the same thing, in many places that dungeon grate would be considers a pee on the skeleton challenge. Which is why we can’t have nice things like that here.

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