America's top spy won't stick around to watch Donald Trump wield his doomsday device


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I’m not willing to blame just one person for a Donald Trump presidency.

The US is reaping what it has sown for decades.

  1. Use money and force to install greedy, corruptible, divisive national leaders

  2. Use the dissent that creates to destabilize and direct nation as needed.

Central America & the Middle East come to mind immediately. It seems that is what Russia just did to the US.


Clapper won’t stick around in the NSA? Good. President Trump doesn’t want some quitting Loser on his team. Anyway, Trump has already filled the National Space Administration post with the greatest expert on it ever (besides himself), Jon Voight, so Clapper couldn’t have it even if he asked President Trump real nicely.


Deer Dog, where the fuck is that meteor???



This government and the people who occupy it are F!@#ING monsters. They are dangerous and immediately dangerous.


I am sure Clapper will go quietly into retirement, maybe work on his oil painting skills or lend Putin a hand.


Putin doesn’t need Clapper’s help… he’ll go right to Trump.


So zero change from the last administration then.


So we’ll be able to say Putin caught the clap from Trump?





No, these guys are neo nazis. literally, neo nazis.


Clapper never worked for NSA.


True, but I think my point stands, whatever it was.


But Obummer was a crypto-marxist-muslim-brotherhood-kenyan-terrorist… BOTH SIDES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!!! /s


I for one blame all Republicans. Every. Single. Republican. They built this monster, and now it’s loose. Much like how the conservatives helped the national socialists to power in 1933.


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This comes 42 months later than it should have.