Amish farmer tells the tale of how George Santos stole his puppies

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I assume the “assistant” was the guy on the left (the one in the middle being MTG).


Soooo … whatever happened to the puppies? I wonder if anyone has actually followed up on that? Did he sell them? Keep them? And yes, I know there are lots of Cruella de Ville jokes, but what actually happened to them?


I really have to wonder why they dismissed the charges, and whether they’d do so now that his history has been revealed. (Reading between the lines of what I’ve read, it sounds like Santos used his connections to attorneys he knew to get them to drop the charges.)

I assumed he sold them. If it were only this case, with a couple dogs, he might have just given them as gifts to curry favor, but it sounds like it was a couple dogs each from multiple breeders, which indicates he was selling them on, but trying not to steal enough from each person that it was taken seriously.


“New York County District Attorney’s Office, which told CNN it was later dismissed” How can this simply be dismissed? Did the detectives not have a photo of Santos to show the people who received the bad checks to make the connection? It was multiple checks.

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I was thinking something similar. No good guys in this story.


Get outta my haid!


I suppose that it is a modern business that Amish can engage in without breaking their religious rules against using modern technology.

Also, too Don’t Buy Puppies From the Amish. I worked rescue near Amish country. When they no longer needed a dog whether because they were too old to breed or they were a puppy that didn’t sell, the “nicer” ones put them in a crate by the side of the road without food or water, contacted a rescue group, told them where the dogs were and then never looked back. If the rescue group didn’t get there in time, well then the unused inventory died of hunger and thirst. The Amish breed dogs in an evil manner.


The millwright can be both a horrible person and a victim of a rip off artist. These are not mutually exclusive. That said, don’t buy from any puppy mills anywhere.


This whole “stole puppies from the Amish” thing is cartoonishly evil and over-the-top. Whoever is writing this show needs to dial it back a notch.


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