Amityville Horror house for sale again


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Wasn’t there one of these guys in the original plot? Don’t forget to pick one up!


They look kind of heavy to pick up. Personally I’m disappointed they’ve replaced the curved windows with regular rectangular ones.

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RTFA you dimwit.


My recollection is that when the family (in the movie) came to the realisation that they were living on a portal to hell, they decided to move out THE NEXT MORNING. Not tonight, not straight away, no “fuck this shit, let’s get a motel room”, but tomorrow morning. It was kind of like when that young lady in The Birds walked into the attic, shut the door and only THEN turned on the light.


My recollection is that they made up the entire story because they couldn’t afford the house. (Still not clear if hallucinogenics played a role or not.)

But buyer’s remorse, yes.


I have to ask a simple question. Four owners since 1974. That’s roughly a sale every 10 years. That seems like an awfully short time frame owning a home. Why do they all keep leaving?


Eddie Murphy raised that same question. I still haven’t seen Haunted Mansion but I keep thinking it would be worth it just to see if the script addresses his jokes on the subject.


Amityville Toaster


Nothing to see here. My father worked down the block from this house at the same time. I’ve been past it quite a few times.

Back when I was alive…


After the housing bubble burst, I’m pretty sure Satan got evicted back in 2008.


Just in time for the premiere of The Conjuring 2 !!!


To quote from Snopes:

The truth behind The Amityville Horror was finally revealed when Butch DeFeo’s lawyer, William Weber, admitted that he, along with the Lutzes, “created this horror story over many bottles of wine.” The house was never really haunted; the horrific experiences they had claimed were simply made up. Jay Anson further embellished the tale for his book, and by the time the film’s screenwriters had adapted it, any grains of truth that might have been there were long gone.


I’m pretty sure that in the last crash Satan was crying about the government stifling the free market and limiting his executive pay after it bailed out his company


OK, so now we have one story about one guy who won’t leave the house he sold and a spirit who won’t let people stay in the house. Up next: Obama won’t turn over the keys to Trump!


That would actually be a good thing. :smiley:


Amityville Horror Hoax house for sale again.

There, fixed it for you.


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