What it's like to live in the house from "American Gothic"

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Man this blog has a lot of links to paywalled content.

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The Amityville house is more interesting.


My father worked down the block from it - I drove past it many, many times.

Nothing to see here, move along.


Well yea, you can’t see the menacing voice. Did you drive by in broad daylight?

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for some reason, i never knew the house still existed. how awesome!


That’s seriously cool. The closest I could come in my area is renting a “suspected” child serial killers apartment ( I say suspected serial killer because although implicated, confessed and convicted he’s recanted his confessions and refuses to locate the bodies)

And no I never tried to rent it.

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Especially if you’re the Acid King of Long Island


God I somehow turned this thread dark…

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil escaped my sight.


Northport is a 40 minute drive and several socio-economic levels from Amityville.

Yes but Ricky held a satanic summoning there once.
Albeit under a bush
Sorry I’ve read that book so many times I forget not every one else has.

Guilty as charged.

A guy from the area snuck in as a teen looking for the red room—it doesn’t exist. More interesting is that the same guy served time with DeFeo for a while

Wow, well there’s a reference that’s gone over my head since I was fourteen. The Dead Milkmen song “Bad Party” mentions Ricky twice, but I just thought it was some in-joke with his buddy. The frontman, Rodney Anonymous, mentions books like “The Killer Inside Me” and etc, so it makes sense that he would use Kasso as lyric-fodder

We’re going to a bad party
It’s the worst party that’s ever been

Shut your mouth and get in the car
Ricky Kasso wants to drive

When we get there let’s say we love Satan
Ricky always thinks that’s funny

I always thought he was saying “Ricky Castle,” though. Sorry for O/T but it’s weird to finally find out who it was.


Believe it or not I’ve never heard that song. I honestly can only think of 3 dead milkmen songs I’ve ever heard and the only one I can name is punk rock girl… I was always more agnostic front and less milkmen
I’m gonna have to check it out.
FYI I think that the song references the trip to preform the satanic mass at the Amityville house… I can’t vouch for how factual the dialogue is. It’s a good read in any case.

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We see you, Riff Raff!

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I always assumed the house was at least 3 stories. Clearly I was not looking closely enough.