Ammon Bundy, of all people, explains why he stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

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Yeah. He does not.

I’m assuming that Bundy doesn’t just want to defund the police, but also NOT put that money into other kinds of programs to dismantle the legacy of systemic racism, which is a key part of the defund argument - you’re rerouting funding, not doing away with it…




Broken, incredibly RACIST clocks at that.


This is like how Occupy fell apart. The liberals and socialists could have found compromise on what they wanted, but they also let the Ayn-Caps in because they wanted something superficially similar. Everything was doomed after that.

BLM have more sense than that. They have already shown that they want nothing to do with Boogaloo, why would the Bundys be any different?


Yeah, let that lot go live on their oil rigs in the middle of the ocean and leave us alone…

They do. You can’t really come to terms with that kind of deeply entrenched racism if you’re an anti-racist.


Weirdly, the Bundys were fighting the BLM. . . the Bureau of Land Management.

Anyway, him saying that he or his friends were abused by the police. . . not exactly. An innocent black man getting killed for doing nothing wrong is not the same as men who admit guilt and refuse to cooperate with the law, and who were essentially stealing from the public for years while claiming some Libertarian dogma as their justification.


Bundy has been waging war against the US and thus meets the constitutional test for treason. Get a rope.

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