Amy Klobuchar legendarily abusive to staff


shocked shocked to find that gambling is going on in this casino


I agree, it’s a pretty strong list of choices already that “one of them being kind of a jerk” is not that big of a deal. Me, I am more concerned about whether BuzzFeed is doing a good job of verifying their stories, whether this is an actual ratfucking attempt or not, and whether this is as big a deal as some are acting.


There are plenty of people who think she’s a crappy Senator; she’s deep in the pocket of hollywood, terrible on IP issues and environmental ones, she’s a fake progressive, she trots out Veteran issues as her “hey look what I’m doing”, and generally keeps her head down so we don’t notice the nothing she does.

She also never answers queries in a timely fashion, and when she does, it’s completely dismissive and ignores every point about proposed legislation.

She’s got a streak of authoritarianism too.


She certainly seems to be more centrist than my taste - but I doubt she’s very Hollywood in Minnesota - you don’t have many films produced there.


Is this a thing? Is it some metaphor or code for something? What do you mean by this?


She cosponsored and supported PIPA, SOPA, and hung around with Fritz Hollings and Orrin Hatch, two lovers of anti-consumer IP legislation.

That and she takes quite a bit of $ from entertainment concerns.


I see. Thanks.

If it’s porn, you can just say porn.


Ain’t nothing wrong with snowshoe porn


I was born without the ability to say words that rhyme with corn.

It has been a long road to recovery.


Me, I’m totally unconcerned about Buzzfeed. Period.

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