An anti-eavesdropping hands-free headset/muzzle that looks like Bane's mask and changes your voice to Vader's


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I got nothing…


What do you suppose would happen if James Earl Jones used this device on the “Vader” setting?


I sense a disturbance in the Force.


It’s so stylish and ergonomic, one might just wear it as an accessory, without using the electronics at all!


sound like a howler monkey


I’ll wait until it is in the BB store at 63.725% off


Something tells me this was a prototype parenting device that was about to go the way of the MenSez before marketing got hold of it…



With a cute guy like that a ballgag would be more interesting


Been done before, waaaaaay before


I would be afraid of the battery dying just as I needed to say my safe word.


Does it come in wing tip?


The Hushme, for people who feel the need to legitimize wearing their sex toys in public.

I really hope this is a real thing.


They should double as headphones, and have a warming strip for winter, and an expandable battery pack, and a liquid dispensing nozzle in case you get thirsty, and switchable colored accent pieces and… (wait, where was I going with this?)


Yes, but this one comes in industrial green!


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