Some of 2017's most beautiful and striking objects


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Some of 2017’s most beautiful and striking objects


I dunno, at first I snickered at the HushMe. But add a vape w selectable inputs, air filtration, maybe a digital scent organ, 360 hololens/magic leap 3.0 visuals, magnetic stimulation of the small bones in the inner ear. Maybe a feed and liquids input line, gimp suit with haptics and the, uh, appropriate accessories, waste disposal tubes… maybe that could sell? Include light signaling for the biking crowd and we’ll be at the Olympics (on Mars) in 2028.


The “N” is backwards, just saying. I still like it, but clearly did not know who he was fucking with.


object: say something to express one’s opposition to or disagreement with something.


I now want a stock photo of someone wearing this and one of those VR goggles at the same time.


that and … like … then chain them to a standing desk with Cat6A cables


Is it not a lower case n? :cry:


not even close
23 PM







The street finds its own uses for things.


Very open cursive. Still plausible.


I’m still laughing at the Hushme. would anyone seriously ever wear such a thing? I’d feel pretty stupid walking down the road wearing that



No - its the only letter in the set that is “very open cursive”. Face it. Clever gizmo, but he blew the N.


If I squint real hard, it almost looks like Comic Sans Italic!


And a nosulus rift



Kind of hoping a cheap bamboo copy of that Japanese hanger will turn up on Aliexpress in the not so distant future. Could easily buy 20+ of those.
Not a noble thought I know…