Check out the 2019 Boing Boing Gift Guide

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Weird. I sent the link to my wife, and it displayed 2018 instead of 2019 in the generated thumbnail.



So perfect. [ETA] It really is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season, that image.


Having bought a punkt mp02, I’m going to offer a large pile of grains of salt for The Light Phone. My motorola e5 play is alright, and cell phones are still too fancy and expensive. /oldman

edit: I love those concrete homes way too much. (besides being too small to live in)

I was sad that i did not see the barrel of lube, but then i got to the end of the list and i was not disappointed. Thanks BB, you know why we’re all here :wink: (although there’s no recommendations for sex toys this year)

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A Single Friendship Lamp

I feel attacked.

8 Digit Alphanumeric Roller Stamp

I’m trying to imagine the person who opens this up on Christmas day and has their heart filled with joy.

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My wife.  

The not-lego is out of stock. :confused:


That’s a whole lotta passion!


Pretty sure the Charmin Forever Roll would end up being a gift for our cats, though the moment of inertia might present them with a challenge. :smirk:

Speaking of which, the Yoda and Chewbacca cat toys are unavailable. :pouting_cat:

The “Leprechaun swastika” is a triskelion, and I kind of like the design.

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I’m feeling passion right now,


Did Xeni just binge watch Madam Secretary?

I can’t believe BoingBoing forgot this one on the list:


That’s OK, while clicking about I stumbled on three incorrect/broken links. Who knows how high/inattentive/just hoping for affiliate monies they were when they crapped this one together.

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