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The review of the iron heart was enough to make me look. Accurate.

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@beschizza the “screaming goat” link goes to a USB charger and now my X-mas plans are ruined :crazy_face:

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So we’re meant to buy two red swingline staplers?



Yeah. And I think Mark needs someone to buy him some good hand/nail cream for xmas. Given how much he bangs on about nail clippers and hangnail clippers (pictured trimming a cuticle!) I suspect he has a real need for something to improve his nails. Maybe some gelatine pills or gelatine soak, too.


Tiny Screaming Goat and Concrete Skull, two bands you just have to see live.


I am here to stand proudly as an Intellivision kid. You can pry my Tron: Deadly Discs from my cold, derezzed fingers.


Yes, incase anyone takes your red stapler no doubt.

Look at that happy fella lovin’ the lube, how nice.

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The concrete skull is already sold out! Bummer.
My disappointment is lessened, though, by picturing Rob in a velour onesie.


I thought the car scanner was a cat scanner, had to scroll back.
Not sure why I’d want either though.
Just no, though, to the whole list.
Is this an in-joke you guys do every year?


I keep wanting one of them to start using this in the ads:

I realize they’re not the only terrible company but I would love to see a move away from Amazon in the boing boing store.


silly me. i get it now.

This is how they power missiles in NK?
Only asking because my local coffee shop…
I’ve gotta couple questions…

Unless by “power missiles” you’re making some sort of sexual innuendo, I don’t think so :wink:
It’s an industrial lube factory. I know he’s a monster, but I just love how thrilled Kim looks in that photo.

Oh, and re: the list, some of the art supplies look pretty good. I have some of those brush pens/markers and they’re fun.

Sexual innuendo? God no.
Maybe an unintentional poop joke, but that was about it…

Still, “power missiles”. I get it. Wish I didn’t.

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just why is it sausages?

1976 Pontiac Grand Safari

Very nice.

Also no sex toys?

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