An architect looks at how Wayne Manor has changed over the years

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Maybe they should dial it back a bit.


That was interesting. I never noticed that Wayne Manor became a completely different building between Batman and Batman Returns, with no explanation. Though not as architecture-friendly, it’d be fun to see a similar video comparing different Batcaves, from the gigantic cavern with multiple different Batmobiles, plus the Batboat, Batwing, giant penny, animatronic dinosaur, etc. to the Batcave in the most recent movie, which appears to be nothing but a dingy basement with a few computers in it.


One of the things to remember about the Nolan penthouse is a callback to the 1970s and 1980s comic book Batman, where Bruce Wayne moved into a penthouse after Robin left for college. Even the Mies van der Rohe style evokes the design of that time, which I now think was chosen to make it easier for the artists. Blocky skyscrapers and a flat roofed penthouse are easier to make in dynamic perspective when you’re cranking out a full issue each month, not including work on the annuals and other specials.

When I saw it, I was sure that Nolan read the same Detective Comics issues that I did.


Wayne’s a billionaire. They often like to build new mansions for no particular purpose.


Or he could be like Elon and sleep on couches.


or in the back of a temporarily floating cybertruck


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