An arctic fox "laughing"


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Having lived among Russian Blue Foxes in the Aleutians and listened to their incessant mating yelps, this video gave me flashbacks of sleepless nights of ‘scruffies’ barking outside my window. The horror, the horror.


The fox is laughing at ms. Shafer for shooting the video vertically.


Arctic Fox Laughing
Copious junk marks the floor
Bedtime already?



His was whisper-like.:smiley:

eta: his “laughter” has seriously freaked out my kitteh




Just love.


Played the video. Dog got up and sniffed around my laptop, looking extremely concerned. I imitated the laugh in hopes of tricking her into thinking it was me.

Didn’t want another howl going on.


Didn’t work, did it? I mean, animals have great hearing and they’re able to discern the difference.


I managed to distract her, at least. She looked at me like I was crazy and forgot about the fox noises.

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