Fox mistakes bedsheets for snow


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Boing! Boing!


When I saw the headline, I automatically assumed you were talking about the network…


For those that don’t know, they do this action to pounce on food under the snow.


Hunting polar bears use a similar action to punch through the snow layer to get into hollow pockets (and the seal pups) beneath


Which 3rd party java do I need to allow to get this clip to play? BB is getting more loaded with media like these and my NoScript list just keeps getting longer.


Amusingly my jack russel does this. She’ll poke the sheet with a paw, then pounce and do a headstand while trying to dig.


Mine still does the pounce, but now he tries to get under the covers to haul whatever’s under there out.


Same here and I, for one, am disappointed.


Yup. My first thought was “welp, they put footage of Miami up when they ‘covered’ union protests in Madison, WI - sure, why not?” They’ve sure managed to garner themselves a low bar.

This is much better. I’ll be watching this fox loop for the rest of the day.


My cat does a similar action to punch through tall grass and get the grey-tailed voles scurrying around beneath.


Martha?! Fox says we have mice in the bed again!



IIRC, weren’t those bred to hunt rats? It is pretty neat the behaviors that can be ingrained.


Mistaken for snow? I’ve seen puppies do this on non-white bed sheets and upholstery… therefore…



Yep. Then she’ll settle down and huff.


and cocaine…


If it had been Fox News, the headline would have noted that Fox mistook bedsheets for evening dress. :wink:


What you did there, see it I do.