Fox mistakes bedsheets for snow


Cute as hell, but does anyone else get a little depressed at seeing this? The poor wild guy is following his instincts and hunting for food, and (in my normal human way of personifying everything I see, whether warranted or not) looks sad and confused when he fails. Then tries again. And again. And will always fail.

Ah well, I’m a bleeding heart… here’s one doing it for reals for ya!


If you’re enabling all of those you’re doing it wrong.


Yup, definitely standard canine (and feline) behavior. Always cute. Add in a moving toe under the sheets for extra fun (note - only for pets that you trust not to actually bite your foot too hard).


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Dogs can’t see color; no cones in their eyes.



(Does that mean that all soft surface digging dogs think “snow”? I say GROUP DISCUSSION!)



No clue; I’m just saying if your sheets are light pink or blue, as opposed to white, a doggo won’t be able to tell.


If they are freshly laundered, that they know about instantly.


Of course; there’s nothing wrong with the canine sense of smell…


What the fox say?



That would be miss Juniper Fox.

Rescued from the fur trade. Her owner seems a bit on the nutty side, but she’s quick to tell everyone that having a pet fox is damn near impossible for most people, so at least she’s not outright enabling.


You’ve opened my eyes!


It’s understandable though.
So did everyone who watched Dr. Zhivago.


You are not alone on this one. BB, I am severely disappointed here. Let’s just have headline code here from now on…

Fox=cute furry woodland creature
FUX=the network



I’ve seen videos like this in the past, and always wondered about them. I’m assuming they’re guided by sound or smell from their prey underground. If so, why would foxes (or dogs) go after beds, which presumably don’t have either. Are they hearing bedsprings that sound like small animals underground? (Someone put a fox on one of those fancy pocket-coil mattresses. Or a waterbed. For science!) Or is it just time to wash those bed sheets?


Could be it’s looking for a bunny.


All I’m sayin’

Fox hears something scuttling around down there.

Bed has mice.

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