An hour-long documentary on the Thailand cave rescue

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Anyone got a timestamp for when they tell Elon to fuck off?


honestly, who needs to see a frickin movie about this when there’s already a great documentary on it? Thanks for sharing.

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Those divers are some true goddamn heroes. I will never understand how someone would think of cave diving as a good hobby to pick up.

Each Kid, each young heart beat and for you, coach, I’m so glad you guys made it. And you folks who rallied around to do the next to impossible, Wow, Thank You All. We, the world needed those kids out, safe in the arms of those who love them most. And for a while you were our kids too. Just as the rescue team felt their emotions of joy, so did the world. The strength of that diverse team made bonds will last a lifetime. And those little guys who clasp their hands together in greeting, though I’ll never see you, I love you none the less. May it continue to go well for you always.

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