Rescued Thai cave boys appear on Ellen to give their first post-incident interview


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It’s their first group interview in English language media.

Thailand does have journalists of its own, and they have been interviewed in Thai before now.


Do Thai cave boys give better interviews than cave boys from other countries?


Tom Sawyer unavailable for comment.


Okay, so it’s their first interview in real language on real media. Jeez, the hoops kids have to jump through to get on American TV! Next year, they’ll probably have to actually die.

(guilty of omitting snark tag) /s


So distasteful, they are children not celebrities or puppies that went viral.


Did Elon Musk have to be sedated after the team was on Ellen? Should he be sedated more often?


They got a free trip to America and since it’s Ellen probably with everything comped. What IS your problem?


He’s locked himself in his sub and refuses to come out.


Just as long as he doesn’t pull a Madsen…


He is weird but I hope for the sake of those around him that he not that weird.


Pull a Madsen on himself maybe?


Kind of tough to dismember yourself but I guess he does have some experience with automating tasks with assembly line bots. I don’t wish him any ill will. Just wish he would spend more time saving the world and less time being a nut on Twitter.


And deprive the world of his wisdom? Very unlikely.


Elon Musk will hire some of them to go back in the cave so that he can prove that his sub-can works.


As if ten days trapped in a flooded cave weren’t traumatizing enough.


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