Elon Musk is back on his 'Thai cave diver is a pedo' business again 😞

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Part of me is wondering now if RDJ has some kind of weird Dorian Gray thing going on with Musk…


Darn it, we need the stuff Musk is building. Why can’t he just wait a few decades and go crazy in his dotage the way Hughes did?


Stop dwelling on the little boys musk…they’re doing fine without you. Thailand is certainly capable of taking care of its own affairs without your opinion…are they telling you how to run/ruin your company, are they? Maybe someone should.


If he keeps it up, I’ll get to buy some stock!

(Who am I kidding. Divorce crushed me financially.)

Incidentally, Thailand is notorious for child prostitution. I am not even pretending to know what is going on (maybe Musk really is gone nutty, I dunno) but for those that weren’t aware, it’s a huge, huge industry there.


This has gone from “offhanded, bonkers 2am twitter insults probably when stoned/drunk” to very specific accusations. Of all the weird hills that Elon Musk could choose to die on (creating a new underground infrastructure for LA, revolutionizing cheap energy storage, pioneering space exploration), begging for a libel lawsuit over pedophilia claims isn’t the one I expected.


No, he doesn’t like that.


“As for this alleged threat of a lawsuit, which magically appeared when I raised the issue (nothing was sent or raised beforehand), I fucking hope he sues me,” he added.

Not sure I understand this part…is Musk suggesting the man should have sued him before he accused him of pedophilia?


I’m not defending Musk, but what if some of this turns out to be true? Is he crazy, or just crazy lucky?

Even if Musk turns out to be right, it is irrelevant to the questions of (a) why is he so obsessed with this, (b) why does he feel compelled to keep making public accusations, and more fundamentally (c ) how is it any of his beeswax?

Elon: if you’re reading this (as I assume you are), if you really have information then just tell the Thai and UK authorities, and find something else to yabber on about, this is not helping your image.


You are failing Internet 101, @thomasta! You must know at all times what is true without any resort to evidence!

OK, just kidding, I’ll answer your question.

Then Elon Musk makes an incredible amount of money on the stock market.

If Musk’s precious submarine had be dissed by a wall street banker then he would have claimed the person was involved in hookers and coke. If the person lived in the Ozarks, it would have been sleeping with family members or goats. In this case it was a place that does have child brides and pedo type behaviors so that is the mud he threw. His accusations don’t need facts, they just need to be plausible in order to smear someone that hurt his feelings and ego.


Then I will continue to wonder where Musk got his information about this diver and why he chose not to share it.


It’s all well and good to root for good batteries and self-driving electric cars and next-generation rockets. But don’t fall for the “visionary genius turned CEO” line. His job is to shake loose venture capital. Every tech company has a guy like him; it’s just that he makes being the famous Elon Musk part of his schtick.

At the risk of being too hard on Musk, it’s exactly the strategy another famous insane and thin-skinned Twitter addict with a diehard fanbase used to ride the wave of other people’s money to a very mixed result.


Why so many Elon musk article about nothing of substance. Two people insulting each other shouldn’t really be news worthy. Please move on to actually news or more videos of cute animals.


Musk called the guy a pedo.

The guy immediately warned Musk he was courting a libel suit.

A few weeks passed and everyone else started to forget about it.

Apropos of nothing, Musk brought it up again and taunted the guy for not having sued yet.

The guy had his lawyer send a proper “you’re about to get sued unless you retract” piss-note.

Hence, Musk is now trying to make it sound like this guy’s now-inevitable lawsuit somehow doesn’t count because Musk had to double-dog dare him to do it.


“He’s only suing me because he says I libeled him.”


Not that this is a huge surprise; but Musk appears to be completely ignoring the fact that litigation is practically a full time job unless you have people to do it for you; which is pretty much nobody outside the pretty wealthy indeed.

The “Ha! That guy won’t waste a year of his life in court because of my twitting; I must be right!” argument just doesn’t make much sense. People turn down eminently winnable lawsuits all the time because they aren’t winnable enough, or worth enough, to make going to the trouble a reasonable thing to do.