The best fake interview between Kanye and Elon you'll ever watch

Originally published at: Ye and Elon Musk's Imaginary Chat

I’m calling it right now. Ye won that one, no contest.


Unfortunately, both were still quiet about the anti-Semitism back then. Otherwise, they would have had a more enthusiastic dialogue.

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The problem with this mashup is that it makes both men seem far, far more reasonable and coherent than they really are.


I would prefer never to hear about either of these two people, ever again.

"Bird and bear, and hare and fish; grant me lord, my fondest wish."


How can anyone say with a straight face that they accelerated the advent of something that existed a century before they were born?

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Non-x version


Is everyone else in this thread arriving here by manually constructing the URL? I’ve seen a few other mentions of how so many Comments links on stories just go to

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Yup. Two guys just talking past each other. Sometimes it seems like they’re on the same page but mostly they’re just in their own worlds.

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if you look towards the bottom of this thread, there is a discussions on this…


Funny, this would also be the worst fake interview I’ll ever watch. Are there really more than one of these? (don’t answer that)

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