An Illinois gubernatorial hopeful will spring all low-level drug offenders from jail

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Good luck, seems like good ideas.


Even if he does not win, at least he gets this dialogue out there.
Plus the list is short and works for sound bites and bullet points, that means it is more likely to be picked up and discussed by people. He would certainly get the attention of the FAMILIES of those low-level drug offenders!
Activate that Army of voters!

Perhaps this will compel some of the other candidates to be more specific with their plans.

/Illinois Resident


The biggest difference between Ameya Pawar and Pritzker is Pawar doesn’t keep saying, “I’m not going to screw things up the way Rauner did. Did you get a load of what that guy did? I will not do what he did” For a democrat Pritzker sounds like Trump.

Pawar seems to stick with real issues affecting constituents without the blame game rhetorics.


(1) Completely agree.

(2) Not sure it makes much difference, the money is what the money is.

(3) Since Chicago’s per capita property values are significantly higher than those of Illinois as a whole, the apparent result is that dollars will flow from Chicago to downstate. (Would need to adjust for school age populations to validate this). If Pawar’s campaign gets traction, someone will surely run the numbers and publish the list of winners and losers.

(4) I don’t agree, but this is exactly why we have fifty states. I would look forward to seeing the results, especially if I’m proven wrong.

(edit) Couldn’t find really solid numbers for matching years, and nothing for the entire state, but using the city my uncle lives in (Bloomington)) I arrived at:

Chicago - Total assessed value about $260 billion. Total students in public schools: 380,000. Total property value per student, about $685,000.

Bloomington - Total assessed value $3.2 billion. Total students in public schools: 8,000. Total property value per student, about $400,000.

So if Bloomington is a stand-in for the rest of the state, Chicago may be coughing up some bucks.

he’ll have to beat the Hyatt hotels heir J.B. Pritzker,

Good luck! If there’s one thing the average Illinois voter values at the ballot box over ANYTHING else, it’s a recognizable last name. And the Pritzkers have spent the past decades paying graffitiing their name, er, sponsoring as many public buildings and institutions as possible.

Yeah, but you have to admit that this is entirely different from Chicago tradition, in which young Polish and Irish guys would start out working as gofers in the alderman’s office, and forty years later retire with personal fortunes in the millions.

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His proposal for education is the norm in Canada. Education is funded from the provincial (state) level equally across the province (in theory). I think that it is repugnant to have a child’s quality of education be tied to where they live.


If education is funded equally across the state of Illinois, it’s going to have a serious impact on the Chicago School District’s pension plan, which is currently underfunded approaching the 10^10 dollar level.

That’s for all state pensions including any public service job on the plans, not just teachers. It is still bonkers, having doubled from ~60B to ~$130B in four years ($20B last year alone).

Here’s one source for -just- Chicago’s teacher pensions underfunded by close to $10 billion. There are others.

If we equalize education spending across Illinois (or any state), those school districts which have solvent retirement systems will do very well at the expense of those who do not.

Whoops - I added an extra zero to 10^10, but yes the teachers pension is a significant portion of the enormous pension problem the state has. The state has been under funding pensions for about 80 years now.

That doesn’t make any sense. “I’m not going to screw things up the way Obama did. Did you get a load of what that guy did? I will not do what he did,” was Trump’s entire campaign message, aside from racism and misogyny.

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