An interactive map of tiny islands around the world

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I’m a little surprised it isn’t a wiki or something, so that other people could add locations as well. I know a few that I could write up an entry for, but there’s no way for me to do so.


Bummer. I’d just love to compose an entry for whatever that one island is called that has Scotland, Wales and England on it.

Hans Island is the reason that :canada: now has a land border with :denmark: :grin:.

I’m surprised smugglers haven’t figured this one out yet… :thinking:

The question of whether we have a land border with :fr: or not depends on your interpretation of our border treaty concerning Saint Pierre and Miquelon and the tide level at the Little Green Islands. Sea level rise may, however, settle the question forever.


Roselyn Sanchez Hello GIF by FOX TV

Needs moar Ricardo Montalbán


Tristan da Cunha looks like a butthole.

Obscure? I though Ailsa Craig was one of the more well known of the small Scottish Islands.

The most obscure Scottish island I have been on is Eilean Shona.

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