Gaelic sign welcomed visitors to Penis Island


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Someone seems to be re posting stuff that digg posted before.
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Penis Island is a lot smaller than they claim.


I understand that not everyone is interested in having a Penis in their Beautiful Bute.


I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated



Some allow Bute stuff on birthdays.


Scotch Gaelic is so close to Irish, I makes me feel all tingly inside I wish we had closer contemporary relations with our cousins across the Irish sea.


No one had noticed for eight years. Suuuure.


Casts a different light on this:


My dad’s from Rothesay - we used to go there every summer to visit my stepmom. Beautiful place with a seafront that whiffs of faded Georgian glories. I’ve never heard this story before and I really, really hope it’s true, but he’s sceptical, given how many of the locals speak Gaelic and how quickly gossip passes round the town (still). EDIT but there again, the national newspapers seem to think it’s true

Also, you get fantastic herring in oatmeal, and awesome mutton pies in Bute.


Just came across one of those photo collections where the lack of a space created amusing signs…
Everybody knows that the penis mightier than the sword.

Edit: Letter spacing fails


Virtually no-one in Scotland speaks Gaelic. They throw money into teaching it and shove it on signs to try and keep the language alive. Something like 1% and most of them as a second language.




Hopefully Oglaf will be able to immortalise the name forever…


So what does “bute” mean? My dictionary only says it’s an informal term for phenylbutazone.

Welcome to the Beauty of Horse Aspirin Island?


Except their fada goes the wrong way. :wink: I like to tease the Scots that they’re really just transplanted Irish. Albain abú!


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