An interesting collection of artisanal space bars


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A few more:


Of course I thought they were talking about these.


Haha, my brain went there too. Then I was thinking some kind of decorative space age bar for… what? A paper weight? It took some more reading to realize that it was that kind of space bar. I guess it’s because I never see one without its neighbors, let alone such a fancy space bar.


Aw, nuts. I was expecting a collection of ‘There, I Fixed It’ style hacks to keep gross keyboards working, not fancypants key replacements.


One of my favorite t shirts:


Came for the cantina jokes. Did not leave disappointed!


Anyone else think the pictures was one of the weird japanese kit-kats at first?


You know where I would hide some bespoke, artisanal space bars?

In a safe.

I would look there.

I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house

Yes, I went there, too.


Now I’m just remembering back to when skateboards had rails.


“Artisanal space bars” makes me think of keyboards made of fancy chocolate. Or possibly of fancy organic soap.

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