I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house


Should hire these guys



I never knew that there was a point when Kenny Rogers was actually cool; I wasn’t born until '75 and my Gram liked all his hokey country stuff, so I thought that’s all he ever did. Live & learn.



Position a neodyminum magnet the size of two stacked hockey pucks over the solenoid that retracts the door pins, hit smartly with shorty sledgehammer. Be sure to wrap the magnets with a great deal of tape since you might have to hit them hard enough to shatter. If the tape is nice and slippy you won’t leave a single mark anywhere on the safe, it’ll just be “magically” opened.

Will not work on Rob’s safe, or rather, it might work, but would not leave the safe undamaged. The gears would be shattered or stripped since there’s no solenoid. So don’t do that, Rob.

EDIT: Oh, and you’ll need some planning to get the magnet off the safe, but if you build your wooden carrier appropriately you can use the hammer for that, too.


Alright, I’m calling the locksmiths again today and tomorrow. I figure it’ll be open by the END OF THIS WEEK. Video will be provided


I knew the allure of space bars would be enough to get dials-a-turnin’




By an amazing coincidence, I have recently come into a vintage piece of property in NYC that I must unload by the END OF THIS WEEK!

Be the envy of your friends, neighbors, enemies and frenemies! Host parties and commuter traffic! Get to the other side!

Tender offers now, it’s sure not to last long!

Why, YES! We do take Blitkoinz!


Hey, that property backs onto my Arizona beachfront property! We can sell them as a package deal!


What a coincidence. I have an old rusty building that i’ve tried selling off a few times for scrap… can i throw that in there as part of the deal?


Seems to be made out of some sort of brown stone. I don’t know anything about real estate, so I have to assume this must be one of those famous brownstone dwellings I’ve vaguely heard of. With the waterfront view and that extended awning, it looks like it would be the perfect house! Fortunately for me, I’m about to come into a lot of money thanks to the fact I am a trust worthy person according to a recent widow of African royalty. So, I am very much interested in this investment opportunity. Does it come with a safe? I’ll need it for the additional millions of dollars I’ll have left over…]


I’m going to miss this thread


Very optimistic of you :smiley:


I’d call it pessimistic lol