An Irish cavalryman spent most of World War I living in this cupboard


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It was actually bigger on the inside so it wasn’t such a problem.


At last, Futility Closet lives up to its name.


Yes… that’s what we need… an IRISH Doctor! Preferably a black IRISH Doctor… who’s a woman.


But have you stopped to consider whether we have fully explored all the possible narratives with a white male from the U.K.?



For president!


AND the Doctor!


Dr Who?



Darn right she does! :stuck_out_tongue:


Although we do at last have a Scottish Doctor, which isn’t bad considering Peter Capaldi is the third Scottish actor in the role.


Doesn’t #7 count as Scottish? Sylvester McCoy kept his own accent.


I certainly had the actor as a Scot but I don’t remember the Doctor as one, certainly not as overtly as Capaldi. But I may have that wrong - I was losing interest as a fan at that point and the Hale and Pace appearance was a final nail.


Well, Capaldi’s a Weegie, so his accent is going to be a bit more in-your-face-Scottish than McCoy’s Highland lilt. But that lilt was definitely there during McCoy’s tenure.[quote=“Immutable_Mike, post:13, topic:93640”]
the Hale and Pace appearance was a final nail.

Literally. That story would be the last for 25 years (except for the Paul McGann TV movie).


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