An LA mortician cries out over COVID corpses

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The epilogue is really sad. I’m not used to seeing her be so serious.


Lingering tragedy?

Intentional, slow motion genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Not even an original approach to ethnic cleansing, just usually it is cholera or yellow fever they let kill their unwanted ethnicities, conveniently already packed into ghettos.


“There is dignity, grace, and compassion in changing your mind.”



“This is like a scene from a disaster movie where a plane flies over and doesn’t see you and you realize, oh shit, no one is coming for me!”

Brought to us by the neoliberal default: “Yer on yer own, bunky. Society? Ain’t no such thing.”


I was going to post this later today, so I’m glad it’s up…

Yeah, me too.


To define what is happening as anything less than mass murder, well then you’re not really looking at the data. tRump & Co. murdered over 400k + US citizens, and the TGOP is still carrying his water.

These Covid facts shake me to my bones, the road ahead will be ugly, everybody needs to pitch in.


Every day my hope dies more than I thought possible.

I have no idea how we recover from this when one group of people in America continue to deny reality.


This. We have people literally fighting over not just doing your neighbors the courtesy of wearing a mask. Vacations? Why the F not? We demand to be able to dine, and see movies, and do everything else completely normally because it inconveniences us that people want to not get sick and/or die…

I so fucking hate people.


Probably good you went into non-human people medicine instead of human people medicine. :slight_smile:


Sadly, I did not make that choice and also hate people. Love kids, though. They are far more alien than human, so I guess it’s all good.


Before the election, and the Capitol riot, and the inauguration and all that, there were all these predictions about brownshirts wreaking mayhem and causing deaths. I could only think, “say they kill ~1000 people. That’s just nothing compared to what Trump has already done and is doing”. End result: five deaths in the riot, (rightly) blamed on Trump (and Hawley and Cruz and…) instead of these four hundred thousand dead.


They are responsible for both, but held liable for neither. Meanwhile Antifa and BLM are held responsible for imaginary massacres and wholesale destruction that never happened. Because that is the world we live in now. 2021 trying to live up to its older sibling.


I am not sure this man sleeps. I am seriously concerned for him!


Man… some of my favorite youtubers converging…


That last little part made my tears well up. Dammit. I’m so, so sorry.


That was actually probably the major thought process. Become a human surgeon and make bank vs enter Vet med and make dramatically less, but have a better job?

Probably the right choice, but what I didn’t realize is that you still deal with TONS of people based BS, even if your patients aren’t human. To a degree, it’s like working a retail job, but you have to try to get people to understand medical concepts that took you 4+ years to master.

edit: And they’re pissed when you need to spend their money to figure out things like I dunno… what the F is going on with their cat’s kidney function or thyroid levels (both very common issues with older cats), and can’t just magically palpate those biochemical parameters with your magical fucking Dr. fingers…

But of course the $ is why you’re asking for those lab tests… Because every vet was primarily motivated by the scads of cash (also hot vet groupies) to get into the career. Seriously. Anyone who can get into vet school could have gotten into med school, and basically have been guaranteed to be making several times their salary.

(Ok. Rant mode off…)


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