CNN reporter, covering COVID in LA, breaks down on air

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I wouldn’t even call this a breakdown. She is being incredibly professional even as she is being overwhelmed by the situation.


Ten hospitals full of suffering, and the bodies, the funerals in parking lots because there are so many, and it’s not even the top news story and a sizable percentage of the nation doesn’t even care. When I watched this earlier I wondered how much it must hurt to go through all that, look up, and realize the country is only lazily interested.


She should take no shame in this. She’s a human, and it’s a human reaction to this catastrophe. That she tries to get through the standup anyhow is the height of professionalism.


Of course, the people who really should see and be moved to change by this won’t ever see it because the chyron says “CNN.”


Speaking as an angry crier: that is an angry cry. You can hear it when she starts listing off people and saying to protect them. She might be facing huge amounts of grief, but that was a beautiful burst of pure raging frustration as she tries for the hundred thousandth time to get people to understand.


As cynical as I am, I don’t believe that’s the case. We (and by we, I mean almost everyone on the planet) have been hammered by COVID-19 for a year now, with no end in sight. All the news is bad. Everything is terrifying. There are mask-protesting douchebags out there making things worse. Failing to respond of this doesn’t indicate disinterest as much as self-preservation.


And a small, but persistent percentage of people actively trying to infect others in the name of “freedom”. Like, organizing in groups to go out and harass masked people while maskless.

It’s like a troop of monkeys found a stash of pistols.


34.7% of Americans polled are Very Concerned about Covid.
54.1% of Americans polled are Very Concerned about the economy.

Yes, I chose not to lump in “Somewhat Concerned” with the “Very”, because frankly “Somewhat” is the problem.

Two problems with this: One, the answers are structured as either/or. Why not both? What about those people who are Very Concerned about COVID, but they lost their jobs because of COVID, and now have to worry about keeping the lights on? And also finding a job with a high risk of exposing them and their family to COVID, but they have no choice because they have to keep the lights on?

I don’t think it is either/or, I think they are separate polls/poll questions.

I guess when your main motivation is to hurt “the libs” and you believe anyone who isn’t also doing so is “a lib” for long enough… you end up just hurting everyone and anyone you can.

Lotta entitled abusive assholes in this country it turns out.


To the first person who says “Women are too emotional”, fuck off! If you aren’t emotional after dealing with what she has seen, then you aren’t human. This is a story that requires emotion, since fact and logic do not seem to matter to anybody.


Her humanity helps override all the harsh and crass political news we’ve been subjected to lately. I hope she goes home to someone who loves her dearly and holds her tenderly. she has earned some comfort. I suspect even the families afflicted appreciate her compassion. Thank you, Sara Sidner


We are all suffering from national and ongoing §TSD. The P is in parentheses because we aren’t past it yet. It ain’t “Post” for us. Not COVID19, not the political turmoil, not the economic collapse.

Stay safe, be well, take care of yourself, and, when you can, others.


I dunno about the (lack of) disinterest. I was just looking at a picture of S.D.'s legislature, gathered together in a tight group, no mask on the lot of them, despite the fact that about one in eight people in the state have been infected with covid at this point, and something like 1 in 500 people in the entire state has died of it.

I don’t think the lack of concern is the result of being burned out by the stress of worrying about it - too many never worried to begin with. Though I think this rejection of the idea of worrying about covid due to political tribalism is, at least to some degree, on some level, about self-preservation. In that it was psychologically easier to reject the threat than to acknowledge something scary over which they had little control, or acknowledge that the president they supported was so badly mishandling it, and didn’t deserve their support.

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