An LSD trip story: “Went to a Donald Trump speech on acid SUPER BAD VIBES”

Trump rally? On acid? Has BAD IDEA just written all over it - the negativity would be awful. (Probably better on acid than on mushrooms, though.)


I read an article in a European newspaper recently (forget which) explaining Trump to the readership and saying that outside some big cities the US is still much rougher that Europeans expect, and this goes a long way to explaining his support.

Which I would think was a bit of a stereotypical generalisation if I didn’t remember the orientation lecture I got the first time I visited Detroit (it was still prosperous then) about recognising the places not to visit and the subjects not to raise. Nearly 40 years later I look at the Trump videos and think little seems to have changed. I am amazed anybody would want to visit a Trump meeting on acid. The risk of saying or doing the wrong thing and getting beaten up must surely be quite high.


Dear Gawd! I had enough trouble while tripping just getting past the ticket taker for Fantasia. Or maybe it was Bambi … ?

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Either one seems like it’d be a gawd-awful mess to see on hallucinogens.

I’ve been planning my first trip into real hallucinogens for a while now. I’m going to go with, 1.) doing it with a good friend who I trust who will remain sober. 2.) doing it in a calm and comfy private residence. 3.) doing some work to resolve some issues I already know I have with my own psyche to try and minimize any surprises.

In anycase, I treat hallucinogens very seriously. The strongest stuff I have any experience with in that regard is Dextromethorphan, and I gotta say, while it’s called a “dissociative hallucinogen” I’d classify it more as an extreme deliriant with some ability to distort perception. But I’d say the vast majority of its effects are a kind of “brain suffocation”. It’s like you lose the ability to understand the world, rather than actually hallucinating. It’s like you’re used to seeing the world in 30+ frames per second, and DXM turns your FPS down to 0.5 frames per second. Bad times. Also DXM’s body load is just awful. It’s a wretched drug that makes you feel like shit, and with the extreme level of impairment it provides, being disinhibited is no fun because you can’t even get up from a chair and walk to the bathroom without ending up on the ground without realizing it’s because you hit a wall at full speed a minute ago and dropped like a sack of taters.


DXM barely even counts as recreational. You’d have a better time huffing Scotch-Gard.

Or gold spray paint.


No kidding. I had my brush with it as a teenager in high school. It’s very easy to get large amounts of pure DXM. And it turns out that it’s just no fun. It sucks.

When I say it’s a wretched drug, I mean it. It makes you feel wretched and gross and tired for days, and there’s not really any fun to be had on it, so there’s no real potential for sustained abuse or addiction. It’s just a bad, bad drug. Interesting once or twice, but not worth. Definitely not worth.


Where I live, you can buy a cartridge of food-grade nitrous oxide, a cart cracker and a big heavy gage balloon at most corner stores and smoke shops.

Having never done nitrous recreationally, I’d still suggest it’s way better than DXM, just from people I know who enjoy it and the literature.


“Then in the car on the way there one of my friends tells me he just got a hold of some acid”

The plot thickens!


has anyone made a picture of Trump out of his own short fingers?

well I finally read it.

felt bad for our culture that this is what passes for a bad trip nowadays.

If this guy was on my lawn I would hallucinate the grass growing up around him and pulling him into the ground.

I was also jealous that I didn’t know these guys and talk them out of it and say here, give me all the acid you can have it later, and then take it all and really see what a Trump rally can give you.

And finally I couldn’t help but acknowledge that if I was Trump I would definitely want to lower the lights at my rallies at strategic moments to fuck with people just in case they were dosing.

That pretty much sums it up. Even tripping balls at the Oregon Country Fair can be pretty intense, just from the sheer number people there. This sounds awful.

That said, 200 mics is pretty tame. When he was talking about how strong it was before that, I was thinking 5-600.


On the other hand, the fantasy of dosing all those trump supporters… and the shit bag himself… with aerosol MDMA does seem at least as good an idea, as this was a bad idea.


If you’re going to try proper hallucinogens, you seem to have the right idea, although wouldn’t I recommend a dark and quiet space where you can be on your own if required. This is good for peace of mind and the visuals are amazing. Having that friend somewhere where they can hear you if needed is still a good idea even if you retreat into personal space.

If it’s LSD, you’ll probably be a little more sociable than mushrooms, also, try and get some valium for the LSD so you can chill out the trip if it starts to get too intense. Also, harmoline for the mushrooms for some ‘vegetable television’. If you want to get off the merry go round, alcohol can actually help slow it down, although I’ve heard reports that it doesn’t work from others.

Another very useful tip I picked up from Terrence McKenna is to do an internal catalogue of yourself before taking strong doses. Go through all of your worries and trickier parts of your psyche with yourself before you’ve taken it. Rationally dealing with your internal ‘stuff’ when you have full, conscientious control over your faculties allows you to ‘get it out of the way’ so that you don’t become fixated on it during the trip. This is especially helpful for mushrooms/mescaline. And if it still comes up in the trip, you should have a fair idea of how to assuage the fixation based on your earlier analysis and capability to rationalise the fear (or whatever).


The most important rule of psychedelics (especially acid) is : whatever mood you are in when you begin the trip, that’s what you can expect for 8-12 hours. Don’t believe that if you’re in a bad mood some LSD is going to make you feel better, it will just magnify the worries or fears you are already experiencing.


I would never partake myself (too much trouble with ONE reality) but I do love to read these accounts.

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