An old viral bird video is perfectly enhanced with Led Zeppelin


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needs more of that seductive lord of Thunder.


Quick, call ICE, someone found more baby immigrants to lock up!

Oh wait, these are Viking immigrants. Welcome to Amerca!



That was so wonderful.


I sure hope that nest wasn’t destroyed in the spirit of proper maintenance.


The One True version of this song is the one with kittens. (lovely, the Youtube version has no sound because of copyright assholery. So you don’t get embedding, sorry).


All hail the mighty Joel Vietch - truly, he does like the moon!


…aaaand oh dear that’s the entire evening gone, ‘Looking for my leopard’ etc etc etc


13 seconds of bliss! I needed that.


Truly a wonderful thing. Could have been perfect if the video had somehow gone into reverse and snapped the gapes shut in sync as Robert Plant’s vocal stopped, just as they snapped open in th same way.


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