An on-going thread of Trump's Legal woes

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It is worth reminding Scotus that their approval rating is a flaming trashfire, and that without the consent of the masses their legal opinions are just a bunch of ink on paper.


I didn’t “forget.”

Giving up all hope serves no useful purpose for me; but far be it from me to stop anyone else from just throwing up their hands in defeat before the fight is even over…

Do you.


Um, good luck getting “the masses” to somehow disobey laws en masse that the court hands down. Most don’t even know what is and isn’t legal because of Supreme Court rulings.

We have better avenues, like supporting politicians determined to change the court’s membership and work against its fucked up decisions.


Trump’s Lawyers Are Making Major Mistakes

So many things done badly, all over the place.

These decisions are so obviously wrong as a strategic matter that it is frankly hard to believe that Trump’s defense team all agreed with them. These lawyers are not a bunch of hacks, and they aren’t dumb either. We may never know what went on within Trump’s legal team headed into this trial — most if not all of that information is likely to remain shielded from public view — but they almost certainly tried and failed to talk Trump down from some of these approaches.


And yet, knowing they are obligated to do what the client wants, maybe they didn’t try all that hard to change his mind….

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I still think Cohen is a criminal scumbag, but I appreciate that his testimony today acknowledged how he was once “deep in the cult of Trump” and later changed his views to see Trump for the crook he was.

There are very likely a few people in the jury who at least lean Repubican, so hearing from someone who was a big fan of Trump in 2016 but now thinks he’s committed serious crimes that should land him in jail might make the difference between a hung jury and a conviction.


While this is the right thing to do here, sadly, the house republicans will just use this as an excuse to launch yet another pointless, time wasting investigation into Biden… or one of his cabinet members… or probably Hilary Clinton’s involvement in Bengazi or whatever… Hell, maybe they’ll throw us a curveball and go after Obama!


Probably, but I think they were going to do that anyway.


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I wonder if the Senate Dems could launch an investigation of their own. Maybe make a “bipartisan” select committee and put, like, Romney and Lankford on it… that might actually have a chance of having some teeth, right? Or is that wishful thinking?


I don’t think they would, honestly. It’s gonna take the GOP continuing to lose as long as the MAGA crowd holds sway and then them changing their party from the ground up to real fix things…


Exactly. Worries about “if we do x they will respond with y” harken back to ye olden days of somewhat responsible actions in DC. These days, it’s more “whatever is the most heinous act you can think of, the fascists will do something worse” and they will blame progressives for it regardless of our actions. I am increasingly happy to see the Dems play hardball, even if some are just not very good at it. The only things that will get to the fascists is being punched in the mouth, or being the butt of the joke. We need to do both.


So Boebert was raging in front of the courthouse today screaming that the media needs to ask what the charges are because there’s a trial and no one knows what the charges are.

I googled, does she not know how to google?


I don’t know if there’s an invisible/s tag there, but she is of course performing for constituents who mostly really don’t know, because they can’t be bothered to Google. And anyway, any charges one would find are all a scam because all of these fake trials are happening because Biden is trying to weaken Tromp before the election. :weary:


I feel like “no one even knows what the charges are” was a TFG brain barf some weeks ago, but that might be media overload/hallucination on my part.


Sounds familiar to me too, but it does become difficult to discern a single fart amidst his constant clouds of obfuscating gas.


i mean, brandon’s president. and the president is allowed to do anything he wants. i know cause ■■■■■ said so :crying_cat_face: