An opera for sleep-deprived parents

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That doesn’t look like any opera I ever saw. I think it’s an oratorio.

It’s from Carmina Burana, ever heard of it?

/ …and yes, it’s a cantata, not an opera.


It’s not meant to be sung without an orchestra. Weird.

Can’t play the audio at work, but I’ve been fond of that work since I was a teen. But I can see tuxedos instead of costumes - that’s a dead giveaway.

(Also, if you want some silly, search youtube for “Oh For Tuna.”)

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until you’re distracted by the sight of your children cracking up in the front row of your concert because they’re singing along with the misheard lyrics. “Send them to North Korea” had them literally on the floor holding their stomachs.


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