An oral history of punks punching nazis

Includes Mike Watt, Thor Harris, Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, Darryl Jenifer, among others…

Also, this seems appropriate to post along with the story…

And this one!


GQ? The world has lost its damn mind. But, OK, yeah I read it. By the time I got to high school and was going to shows, nazis were no longer interested in punk, I don’t think. Not at any shows I went to, thank goodness.
I like how they parenthetically explained what DRI stood for but not MDC just below :upside_down_face:


I know right… Hence the Cat and Girl Comics…

But it’s likely someone who grew up listening to punk and then became a journalist.

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I might have told this story before: sometime in the 80s we drove up from Austin to go see Motörhead at some shit kicker club outside Fort Worth. During the show some skins started fighting with others and Lemmy stopped the show and berated them until they stopped.

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Well, to be fair, MDC changed their acronym’s meaning quite a bit. I think they should have listed them all, and maybe made up a few new ones.


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