Freedom of Information Access ninjas force Gavin McInnis out of the Proud Boys


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Just as real as L. Ron Hubbard “resigning” from control of Scientology in 1965.

What a chicken pants nazi!


You mean the asshole has been…unplugged? ::ba dum tish::


“…and I’ll never forget the look on the monkey’s face as it tried to put the cork back in!”


But I thought the “white nationalism” was the whole reason he started the Proud Boys. :thinking:


So a douchebag who’s made a career out of being an unapologetic bigoted asshat can’t handle being called an extremist?


He’s probably just worried about being deported as he was cited as the leader of an named extremist group tied to violence by a Justice Department agency.

Justice Department; if you’re listening…


Says he’s Canadian, but he was born in England. Can we bounce him?



“I’m totally not legally responsible for any of the things that I created and ran! I called backsies!

Even worse!


So what exactly does it mean to “resign from the Proud Boys”? He’s still obviously in charge of them.

I don’t get it. Nothing has really changed here.

This is pretty classic alt-right playbook, they get challenged so they just give a meaningless win to the challengers (who get to get some press and fund raise off their “win”), and tell their followers why it was meaningless. Then they continue doing exactly what they were doing before but now Property of the People has to pretend the Proud Boys are less of a threat than before, which helps the Proud Boys.


Yeah. I am like, “This guy knows full well what the Proud Boys are about and they company they keep.” So why bail now? Because there is an official label?

Hmm - I dunno… in this climate he’s just a likely to get one of them there revolving cabinet spots.


In the rest of the interminable clip, McInnes asserted that most of what he’s been targeted for are jokes taken “out of context”; that “we are not far-right, we’re ultra-nationalist”; and that the group could not be affiliated with white nationalists because “such people don’t exist.” The rest of the video consists mostly of bizarre non-sequiturs and pleas to donate to a crowdfunding campaign.

What a total coward asshole.


Gang membership can get you deported and even lose you naturalized citizenship.

Gang leadership? Not sure how you could possibly meet the good moral character requirements either.


We don’t want him.


I hope his poor oppressed white nationalists feel a little bit abandoned to their fate by him.


I think resigning is probably better for business. He’s more likely to get talking head gigs, speaking engagements, etc. if he’s not overtly a brownshirt.


It’s the airport for him.



Hadn’t thought of that, but it makes the most sense to me.

Well, not being a US citizen he can’t, even if Hair Furor wanted him to be. But aside from that, Trump barely has the attention span to finish his signing ceremonies let alone micromanage Federal law enforcement. On top of that, racist nationalists seem to have a tendency to hate and distrust each other even as they circle jerk their nationalism.


But but but… Who will think of the poor rich white males?


If you’re going to found an organisation called the “Proud Boys” (which is a pretty shit name unless you’re writing a series of detective stories for kids in the 1940s), surely you should be, well, proud of being a member?