FBI describes 'Proud Boys' as 'extremist group with ties to white nationalism' in law enforcement document


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The hate group was founded by Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes

You don’t say? I don’t watch anything from Vice Media but now that i know this i will make it a point never to do so.


“B-b-b-but whatabout Black Lives Matter and Antifa!?!” scream the apologists.


Cue the freeze peach arguments in 3… 2… 1…


[Really just wish mommy would say she is] Proud [of them] Boys


That’s a weird way to describe actual and obvious foundations rooted in white nationalism.


I do love me some frozen peach sorbet…


Okay, so, I researched this but couldn’t find much that was clear: is there actually a connection to Vice Media, or is the co-founder going rogue here or what? I see Vice as pretty clearly leftist, rather than nationalist.


I think Vice Media is pretty interesting. And, I think this guy is long disassociated from them. /shrug


Those Nazis douche bags never come into our neck of the woods, right near the California Mexico boarder.

Gosh, I wonder why?


Wow. Gavin McInnes is gonna be pissed, he hates when he called a white nationalist just because he supports white nationalism and goes to white nationalist rallies.


This raises a disturbing personal question. Will I be upset if these terrorists are sent to Gitmo?


I wouldn’t be… but the real question is would it piss off Joey?


LuLz! That was a fun day.


does he profit in any way from his past connection to them, though? does he have stock in Vice Media, or anything? i am going to steer clear of Vice just as a matter of course. that dude is a total asshole, and he’s got his stink all over them even if he’s long gone from them.


Ish. I just read the wiki page on him, and now I need a shower. The good news is that he left Vice in 2008 due to “creative differences” and co-founded an ad agency, Rooster. His own ad agency kicked him out a few years later after another public display of racism. He’s apparently a lifelong shitstain on humanity.

I’m always surprised when people like that can actually function in society; you’d think their overt racism would dry up whatever contacts they have. But I suppose the Old Boys Network he belongs to is really the Old White Boys Network.




In other news, the National Weather Service describes “rain” as “water falling from the sky.”


Anything is possible when you’ve got money to burn i guess


All I remember him from Vice was that he ran a Dos and Don’t’s photo fashion thing for the mag. It was pretty mean spirited, and a little weird considering he was a dude approaching middle age and not a student in middle school.