Redaction ineptitude reveals names of Proud Boys' self-styled new leaders


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You know what, I’ll just avoid getting beat up, masturbate whenever I damned well please, and not get a shitty tattoo. Thanks.


They don’t like it when I try that on the bus though.


I just read that damned thing. Can’t believe I wasted time on it. Anyway, looks like I can join after all: the masturbation rule apparently only applies to heterosexuals. For some reason. It is not clearly (or grammatically) written. If I were a braver and a younger man, I would infiltrate and write a book about it. Let’s see . . . Grape Nuts, Wheaties, Cheerios, Chex . . . see? I’m just too old: they’d see right through me with that list of cereals.


Meh I’ve seen worse on the “L”




you can only jerk off once per month

I’m out


…their weird beat-in ritual where they sock each other while chanting cereal brands; you can only jerk off once per month; and … getting in a fight on behalf of the club…

That’s getting recruits comfortable with violence, comfortable with big/group lying, and comfortable defying conventional laws and authorities, I guess?

On the whole, I’m opposed to guns, I’d rather not wonder if every angry person I meet is armed. But I do wonder how the whole brownshirt shtick is likely to work out in a place like the US, where there’s always a possibility that the people you and your shitbag friends have decided to bully are going to just up and shoot you like Indiana Jones.




I can’t believe Jason Lee Van Dyke is still a lawyer. I wonder if he will now begin sueing or threatening Cory, since he has been documented making violent threats against his critics in the past:

It is my belief that Popehat has done a thorough job of collecting verified facts regarding his bigotry and threats.


New York’s hottest club is /spit take, stare at camera with crossed eyes

This place has everything! Psychos, Germfs – German Smurfs – a Russian man on a pre-paid cell phone, Proud Boys…

Proud Boys, what’s that?

It’s that thing when neo-Nazis masturbate once a month and beat each other up while chanting the names of breakfast cereals…


The don’t like it when I do it in the bus, either


Look, there’s nothing funny about a bunch of cereal-obsessed, anti-masturbation fascists who are too dumb to redact their documents properly and accidentally out their leaders…


This can’t be for real.


That’s a gang. Why hasn’t the FBI and state patrols etc just fucking arrested them all?


Same reason as always.


Aren’t these the kind of guys who are supposed to make the trains run on time?


I guess it’s okay, because while they are fascists who are anti-masturbation they are also anti-masturbation fascists.

and I guess now that I think of it, being anti-masturbation fascists means they are also anti masturbation-fascists. It’s the masturbatory fasces trifecta.


I wonder if they like coco-pops?