Analysis of North America's weeds reveal the crops, trade, and cuisine of early indigenous people

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I’m dreaming of a world where this is the most important Mueller investigation we have to think about…


“Erect Knotweed cake” doesn’t have that same roll-off-the-tongue mouthfeel as “tortilla.”

We could change the name.
Kiwi (fruit) was deemed a better market name for the Chinese gooseberry, and although 猕猴桃 rolls nicely off my tongue, I do not think you could pronounce it correctly.


Good point, I wonder what the original Illini or Chickasaw word for the plant is. It probably sounds a lot nicer.

Closest I can find is wheat in Chickasaw language:

tili’ko’ nihi’

I looked for erect knotweed, polygonum erectum, buckwheat, grain, etc. All I could find was wheat.


Ask those guys, maybe they’ll have an answer (certainly not me, I barely know my hometown neighbor’s Cree language…)

Imagine all that knowledge that was lost. It’s like all those dinosaur fossils or greek tragedies that we will never find.

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One could re-dub it something like “American/Native buckwheat,” since it’s in that family. Not the same roll-off-the-tongue, but not so awkward (on multiple levels), either.


maize was already edging out crops like erect knotweed.

Oh, I work with some of those, not fun…

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Yes. and it is another fragment in retracing lost knowledge.

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