Canadian government growers can't keep up with Alberta's demand for weed


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This is excellent news: it means more taxes, employment, and maybe, just maybe Alberta will get that stick out of its ass.


fun read :slight_smile:


Too bad we can’t export our weed.


Weed smoke trail can be seen from space. Video at 5!


The rollouts for these things are always a lil bumpy. Have no fear, rampant monopoly capitalism will come to save the day in no time.


We don’t even smoke that shit around here, might as well smoke some rolled up wood… :wink:


TFW you wish you had someone else’s problem.


Indeed. There was a story not long ago about how there was a huge surplus in Oregon, and since it wasn’t legal to sell across state lines, there wasn’t a lot they could do with it. I wonder if Canada tried to get that in the new Nafta deal (“We don’t want your milk, we want your weed.”).


Friend visited a Quebec pot shop yesterday. People still lining up outside, though apparently fewer than on the first couple of days, and the shelves were almost bare. Obviously they didn’t plan very well for the initial rush of customers, but maybe they did a better job of forecasting long-term demand and will be able to keep adequate supplies on hand once the initial fuss is over. They’d better, if this is going to work out.


This is what came up when I googled ‘bammy’:

MMMMMMM. Cassava flatbread.


Most of the shops in my province (Saskatchewan) didn’t even have enough to open on legalization day, and those that did sold out in no time despite charging excessive prices. Hopefully it won’t take too long for the supply situation to get sorted out.


I love it! The Invisible Hand is too busy rolling joints.


That does not appear to be the case. Well over half the products at appear to be in stock right now. Unless you know something I don’t.

Good for the folks at Numo - I swung by there on my way home on the 17th, just out of curiosity to see what the size of crowds would be - there were easily 100 folks lined up outside. Apparently it was like that from opening until midnight.


Alberta, Alberta, Alberta - that’s all I ever hear about. What about my needs?


speaking of which - what about frauenfelder’s needs? The man is the primary support of the ridiculously tiny scale industry.


Canadians feel the need! The need for weed!

As every fan of CW shows knows, the best kind of weed, for the need, is Speed Weed.


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