Anderson Cooper calls out Donald Trump's "frankly idiotic" son for lying about storm photo

It doesn’t even matter what the thing actually is, or if it is deserving of disparagement. All that matters is the authority have declared it so.

This is basic authoritarianism/fascism. Trump and Fox News and 20 years of Republican tribalism have groomed their audience so that their audience is ready to almost immediately accept their enemy-of-the-hour as soon as it is declared. And any thing that enemy does is suspect or bad or evil.

When I was watching the “Lock Her Up” chants from the 2016 RNC convention, all I could think of was the Two-Minutes’ Hate from 1984.


Ok this particular story is ridiculous.

However, weather reporters exaggerating weather is as old as weather reporting.


…he literally walks through it with LARGE paces…

The three oldest Trump kids are of course the imbecilic children of a moron. But what’s kind of cool when they do such a lousy job of being Donald’s mini mes that they spill into parody. (And, of course, in Jr.'s case, he divorces a gang groupie for the kind of person who gets fired from Fox News for soon after the problems with O’Reilly and Ailes andCarlson, she goes around forcing people to look at photos of her boyfriend’s dick. Smart! Classy!)
Donald says something beyond stupid, Jr. has to do a yet dumber riff on it.

Anderson Cooper just wasted 10 minutes of reporting to address what a bunch of assholes said about him. The assholes aren’t interested in his explanation, the mere fact that he addresses them in the first place only PROVES that there is something there.

There’s a reason I don’t watch TV news - this is only one example of why it is mostly garbage.


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