Angeleños boycott Langer's Deli after owner kicks out queer couple

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Oh, Norm, we understand just fine what a hateful little bigot you are. You so helpfully and clearly showed us.

Well, Norm, I think you’re about to learn how people feel about you and your actions. Hope your family, investors and employees appreciate you threatening their livelihoods to assuage your own insecurities.

And yes, I know the weasel is claiming the no-kissing policy applies to all his customers. I guarantee you he’s never asked a straight couple to leave for a single kiss (which as pointed out in the tweet below is not “making out”). Not only is he a bigot, he’s a liar.


“My date and I had finished eating and we shared a kiss in our booth. Suddenly a man with a walkie-talkie was standing at our table. He introduced himself as Norm Langer and told us that he ‘can’t have this in his restaurant because some of the customers don’t understand.’”

JFC. In Los Angeles.
And then, what, he got into his fucking time machine and traveled back to 1955?


This guy’s an idiot. If I had a deli, and I put a sign in my window, “See women making out, 5PM daily.”, by 4:30 I would have men lined up halfway around the block.


Sounds like he never left…


Huh, and I was wondering if it was extended tonsil-tasting lip-lock or something. I’ll add Langer’s to my list of things not to do if I’m in LA.


Surprised to see the intelegent readers go 0-100 over someones un verifiable accusation. Now you want to ruin this person. It’s sick. This in no way agrees with discrimination. Go ahead aim your hate at me.

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Dude, the owner himself said that he kicked them out. He said that they don’t allow “making out” in the restaurant.


Fuck him.

If it were an honest mistake he would have made an apology after this became a news story.


He claims he would do the same if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were there making out. That one seems eminently testable to me.

I’m fascinated by the “walkie talkie” aspect of the tweet. Are walkie-talkies a thing among restauranteurs? Was the one he was carrying Vibro-matic?


I wouldn’t jump on this so fast. That restaurant has been around a long time, I’m sure they’ve seen their fair share of men kissing, ladies kissing, I just smell something here. And it aint pastrami. I may be biased to the restaurant and the location, but this just seems a bit overzealous to me. I’d like to hear more before making an informed judgment, not go right to “boycott” mode.


In before conservative trolls who fail to realize how conservatism drives authoritarian…what’s that? Aw, crap. Too late.


Roger That!


Any time is a fine time for an apology when due, and the sooner made, the better. I don’t think it needed to take a news story to make it quite very due in this instance.


What, more than a response from the owner himself, in which he not only doesn’t deny the accusation, but tries to justify it? That kind of information?

He’s made it clear, he “has a policy.” What’s also clear is that the policy isn’t similarly enforced against hetero couples.


I’ve already read he didn’t kick them out, he asked them to knock it off. Yeah it’s a very old-man policy. There’s a bar in Canoga Park called Casey’s where the old dudes tell you to turn your cap around. Because it’s their place. shrug. I’m just not buying the anti-gay accusation. Again, I just don’t see an establishment going this long without them having seen it all.

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And then he kicked out some guys wearing yarmulkes… saying “my customer’s wouldn’t understand. It’s polite to take off your hat while eating!” /s

It would be lovely if, during this pride month, “random” gay couples just happened to stop for a brief kiss in front of his deli. At, oh, I don’t know,say maybe a frequency of 10 couples per minute?

A constant stream of people offending his conservative morals by demonstrating human love.


Last year a gay couple got thrown out of a cafe in Vienna and there was an afternoon-long gay and straight kissing rally there a week after. Not sure if it changed the owner’s mind but it was nice to see the solidarity.


Oh, he can have his „old man policy“ and he might just tell people to „call it off“. As much as everyone else can call him and his fine establishment out on his „policy“ and let people make an informed choice about whether to go there or to one of the thousand other places that don’t tell a queer couple to stop kissing (which he already admitted).
And your logic might have a flaw because not everyone reports being publicly shamed and he just might have missed a lot of kisses and couldn’t enforce his rule…


I think you mean “intelegend”.