Angeleños boycott Langer's Deli after owner kicks out queer couple

I’d suggest we test it, but honestly I feel like nobody in the entire world should give a shit about the goings on of british royalty.

Maybe as a last hurrah. Then we can all let this sick dynastic tradition die.


Markle is an LA hometown girl. I’d be surprised if she hasn’t already snogged someone in Langer’s, unless they actually do forbid it universally.


Even this Norm Langer guy put “making out” in quotes. The queer couple in question described it as sharing a kiss, no extra punctuation required.

It’s telling that some people believe what the SWM put in inverted commas before what the queer women plainly said happened. I’m certain he believes he’s the victim, but that bending over backwards to give him the benefit of the doubt he gets is his privilege working for him.

The pertinent question isn’t how many microseconds it takes for a kiss to become someone’s definition of making out. The pertinent question is why he’s so sure of his moral authority to decide that without prejudice in a society where it’s impossible to exist without internalizing prejudice.

No, if he cared more about right and wrong, not to mention owning his actions - and he really genuinely thought it was so horrible for kids to see two adults kiss because heaven’s forfend they learn about love - then he’d issue a real apology, one that didn’t shirk his own responsibility for queer-shaming them by playing dumb, and he’d put someone who identifyies as LGTBQ+ in charge of deciding when kissing is unacceptable. Until then he’s just a bully playing victim.


Megan Markle is in an interracial relationship. It’s quite possible an old bigot would object to her as well, though not for the reasons he claims…


So he is against inter-racial couples too?


So, racist too?

Edit: Doh, beaten to the punch line by @johnnyFresh and @Weasel-Rah


Meanwhile, on the other coast:

Full Disclosure, one of the Mamaleh’s is my sibling


See my prior comment. If this was an honest good faith mistake or faux pas on his part, he would have given an apology long before this became a story that we all now are hearing. What we got instead was a really bad excuse and doubling down on obviously rude behavior. Informed judgments ARE being made here.


Please tell me that is a baked good and not a very disturbing yet impressive piece of meat.


Mmmmm…mmmm that’s good unicorn!


That’s interesting. Has he asked straight couples to stop kissing?

Got a citation?

Some people say they were kicked out and others say they were told to stop. Which is it?

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It looks like a colorful piece of pumice to me. The opposite of a forbidden snack. (Sorry if that is a mean thing to say.)


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I’m of the mind that they should be boycotted for this ridiculous policy and how they enforce it alone, taking them at their word that they are not selective about whose table they loom over, waiting for the check to be paid, after the “offense” has occurred. I’d much rather my child see the most grotesque public display of affection than have her see someone in a position of power aggressively telling people how they can and cannot express love.


While PDAs of all types can be annoying, as long as it isn’t egregious it should be allowed. If this was just a simple kiss then the guy totally over reacted.

Cue Alice’s Restaurant. It’s a movement!


Well of course! Because that would be miscegenation!

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Find a hetero couple who’ve been kicked out for kissing. I’ve kissed women in restaurants, bars, and more, and have never been hassled.


The guy’s made his policy clear. Henceforth, I’ll avoid the place.
Speaking of discrimination, my concern now is about that ñ in Angelinos. It don’t belong, and we’re not going to just turn a blind eye to it. It’s making some of us old-timers uncomfortable.


It’s been pointed out to me privately that I’m completely incorrect, and that the ñ is obligatory.

I’ll go and do penance by revisiting my Spanish-For-Idiot-Locals book.